Below are the steps to obtain a New Jersey Firearms ID card, Pistol Purchase Permit and a Concealed Weapons Permit.

Please note that the process routinely takes up to 30 days:

Firearms ID Card for the purchase of all long arms

A.      Fill out state police application, At the top of this application  indicate your intention to obtain a firearms ID card by checking the box that states “initial firearms identification purchaser card." This application can be found by clicking here.

B.      Fill out mental health form and sign same. The Witness line is to be signed by a police officer when application is returned. This application can be found by clicking here.

C.      All Applicants must be fingerprinted (State & Federal) by IdentoGo who is contracted by the State of New Jersey for all fingerprinting. You will be given the most current information on how to schedule your IdentoGo appointment. 

Pistol purchase permit

A.     You must  be 21 years old.

B.     Complete the same Initial Application and Mental Health Consent Form as the Firearms ID Card.

Concealed Carry/Permit to carry a handgun 

A.     Applicants requesting these permits should refer to the New Jersey State Police website,, for the requirements of this permit.