The history of the Department has been lost through the years. Few documents have survived since the full time department was created in 1927/1928. Most of the Department's history is told through stories of retired officers and long-time Borough residents.

We know that the first paid Department operated out of the Hose Fire Company on Marshall Avenue. The ten person department had one chief and nine officers.

Prior to 1927, it is unclear if these officers were all full time; they were more likely a mix of full and part time personnel.

The Department operated out of the Hose Fire Company for approximately 44 years when, in 1971, the Department moved into the new municipal building on Katherine Street. Headquartered out of the Katherine Street building until 1999, the Department moved into its current location at 215 - 217 Liberty Street in 1999.

If you have any pictures, documents or stories of the Department's history please contact us at 201-641-2770.